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Noodles : An addictive Instant Food to ensure constant long-term sickness

Noodles –

A favourite food from kids to elderly, sometimes it’s a snack, sometime is a tiffin and even sometimes replacement to a sumptuous meal too

To sum up, Noodles have become the “New Age Staple” especially to young and working people to satisfy their immediate hunger pangs


Increased consumption of instant noodles has recently been reported to be positively associated with obesity and cardiometabolic syndrome

South Korean Study

Is Noodles really a food??

In Theory, it’s marketed as ” Processed Food” aka “Junk Food “.Let’s dive deeper what does noodle when you consume it

  • It’s a zero nutrients eatery with not even traces of essential nutrients, adversely this reduces the absorption of essential nutrients gained from other foods
  • It contains MSG an addictive mind altering flavouring agent which tickles your brain to crave more, MSG can  give the users headaches, nervous debility , causes chest pain or heart palpitations, or heavy to mild mood change. These were once collectively referred to as “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome ” and “Ramen addiction” in early eighties

Know How noodles are made??

  • Edible flour / Enriched flour – This can be any grain, mostly these are made from corn flour or soyflour (Which are powdered form of soybean/corn deoiled chunk- A byproduct of soy oil/ soy sauce / corn oil extraction which is a qualified cattle feed at west)
  • Flavouring agent which tickles your taste buds to ensure you get addictively delicious
  • Edible oil mostly palm oil or cotton seed oil
  • Maltodextrose aka white sugar
  • See the below two picture how Cryptic and no natural ingredients in their manufacturing process

Do note the difference between the ingredients naming in Indian market and international market

International Noodles wrapper
Indian market noodles wrapper

Health Hazards due to noodles

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive systems disorders (It takes 8 days for our body to digest a pack of noodles )
  • Increases the risk of cardio vascular death
  • High sodium content leads to hypertension, mood swing especially for children and women
  • Excessive use of toxic chemicals and flavour enhancer like MSG leads to urological disorder to even kidney failure on prolonged consumption
  • MSG are mind altering flavouring agent which impact brain function and cognitive ability (That’s why it carries a infant usage warning which impacts the children brain development )

This is for so called popular brands, our market is flooded with imported and local brands too mostly supplied to hotel and caterers without any regulation.. See the hygienic condition of local noodles manufacturers, I bet you would dread to eat at restaurant noodles anymore!

Noodles are not good even for any healthy adult even for once in a blue moon comfort food consumption, it’s an assured way to get sick and diseased slowly though not instantly”

Team Ayur Arogyam
Local noodles manufacturer