Darbhasana – Meditation Mat


Durable, long -lasting and useful meditation mat.

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Grass type : Darbha / Kusha grass

With so much stress in life for each person , it is natural that people want to be in peace. People want to meditate to attain that peace. Meditation mat brings a sense of doing meditation. Something which should be there for meditation. This Darbha grass meditation mat has many benefits apart from being eco-friendly.

–  This product is durable & long lasting(Min 5-6 Years ) as it is done through traditional handloom weaving.
–  It is odour Free, can be sun-dried easily.
–  Elegant design and light weight so easy to carry.
–  Eco Friendly. So no worry of harmful chemicals.
–  Requires very less maintenance.
–  It is multi-functional meditation mat. it can be used for meditation, Japa, Pooja.
–  It is easy to store and clean.
–  Medicinal benefit of not being allergic to skin.

Size :
-20 inch wide * 24 inch long

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 60.96 cm


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