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The screen time has increased considerably,. So there is so much strain on our eyes. This Khus Eye Mask is a remedy to all the above problems. This handwoven Khus / Vetiver is made from pure cotton cloth.

Helps in
– Sound sleep
– Cools your eyes and optic nerves
– Improves sleep cycle
– Cures headaches and migraine due to prolonged screen time
– Meditation and Yoga Nidhra

Splash water 15 minutes before usage and experience the herbal cooling in front of your eyes This is helpful in offsetting the optic strain caused due to continuous usage of computer / mobile / lighted screen.

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  1. Suma Jaya Amin (verified owner)

    Had ordered the eye mask as I frequently suffer from head ache after long hours of working at system.
    The cooling effect of eye mask on heated eyelids after long system hours, feels so soothing.
    I am really glad I found this product through a friend’s recommendation.
    Thank you Ayur Arogyam team.

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